Monday, 29 April 2013


I've seen a massive influx of 90's scrunchies this spring/summer and I really wanted some, but seeing as I haven't had any time or money to go out and buy some, I thought I would make some myself and show you guys how to at the same time, so here goes:
You will need: scissors, tape measure or ruler, elastic, safety pin, pen or chalk and a needle and thread (or a sewing machine).  

You will also need some fabric of your choice, any type of fabric should work with this. 

 Firstly, you need to meaure out a piece of material 90cm by 20cm (you can adjust this to the size you want as this is quite a large scrunchie)and cut it out.

Next you need to fold the material in half lengthways so that the right sides (the sides with the pattern on) are facing each other.

Sew along the open edge with any stitch, you can hand sew it or use a sewing machine to save time. It doesn't matter what colour thread you use as you won't see it when it's finished.

 Cut a piece of elastic the length of an average hair band and turn your now sewn tube of material the right way out. Thread your elastic through the material, making sure not to let go. You can attach the elastic to a safety pin to help thread it through if you find that easier.
 Use a needle and thread to sew the two ends of the elastic together to make a hairband, then sew up the left over open edges of the scrunchie.
here's some suggestions of how to wear your scrunchies! and don't forget, you can adjust the measurements to make a different sized scrunchie if you prefer!

001 // so I hope everyone had a great easter holiday and I'm sorry the posts have been a little few and far between but I thought I'd switch things up with a little DIY. I've been really stressed lately with exams coming up but I will try and get a few posts in.
 tag me (@mialayzell) in pictures of you wearing your handmade scrunchies on instagram or twitter and I'll give you a shoutout! Enjoy!! xx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


a bit of a random mix but i  NEED every single one and yes, i have joined the Iggy Azalea fan club. Why wouldn't you?! She so... BALLSY
Ignorant Art - Iggy Azalea // iTunes
White Buffalo Platforms //
Sunflower Scrunchie //
Lace Bra //
Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick // Chanel
Mia x