Saturday, 22 June 2013


 Coss Earrings - Newlook £3.99 // Ring - New Look £2.99
 Gold Cross Ring With Semi Precious Stone - Topshop £3.50
 Baroque Print Trousers - New Look £22
Polka Dot Crop Tee - New Look £7.99
 Vintage High Waisted Mom Jeans DIY Bleached - Hand-me-downs
 Pink Timberland Boots - Charity Shop £15
 Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' Perfume - Present
 Denim Skirt - Topshop £5
 Monochrome Bralet - Topshop £5
Grey Crop Tee - Topshop £3
001 //  Heyy guys! I'm sorry its been so long since the last post but I have had a few exams to revise for and my art coursework is getting quite hectic but I'm back with a vengeance and I promise there will be many more posts coming more frequently.
002 // These buys are all spread out over a few weeks so don't go thinking I have all that money to spend at once! New Look was going through one of its 'good' phases a few weeks ago and I had a voucher left over from Christmas so I thought I would see what they had and turns out, quite a lot! I got the earrings and ring on buy one get one free and I fell in love with that cute polka dot crop top! I also found these gorgeous baroque imprint trousers for £22 and I found some in Topshop today for nearly double the price! BARGAIN methinks ;)
003 // My nan gave me the high waisted jeans for scrap denim and just a week later I noticed the whole 'mom' jean trend coming in so I thought I would bleach them a nicer colour and then I wouldn't have to spend £40 on a new pair of jeans, I'm fab I know. My dear mummy came back from Guernsey the other day bearing gifts and mine was a stunner, I have had the Daisy perfume on my wishlist for months and months and to finally have it and smell it is amazeballs. I came across these pink Timberland boots in a charity shop in Braintree and was ECSTATIC because I had been lusting over the brown ones for so long but they were just too expensive at around £100 so you can understand my excitement...
004 // The final items are all from my baby... Topshop. I got the ring a few weeks ago in the sale and the rest I bought today. The Topshop in my town is having a huge sale at the moment and I only had £15 on me and managed to find all this for just that, I think if I fail all my GCSEs I can always get a career in bargain hunting. The denim skirt and the bralet are both a size 14 but I will use my sewing skills (not bragging) to take them in and they should fit fine. I think the skirt would look so good with a baggy tee or crop top and my DMs. I thought I would add to my monochrome collection with the bralet as I think it is actually really elegant and posh looking. The grey crop top will just be used as a gym top or beach top.
005 // I'm going to first festival this year guys!! I'm going to the Latitude festival in July and can't wait! Not only because I will be seeing some of my favourite artists (Alt J, Jessie Ware, Bloc Party etc.) it means FESTIVAL STYLINGG!! Which is my favourite style by far. I have spent so long coming up with the perfect festival look and I might do a post on some different looks for you guys to take inspiration so let me know if you'd want that. 
love you all,
Mia-Laine x


  1. I love your polka dot crop top! So jealous that you are going to see Bloc Party xx

    1. same it looks so cute with shorts or jeans! omg im so excited I actually cant wait x

  2. i'm loving all of these, especially the jewellery i'm definitely going to have to check out New Look's jewellery pronto xx

    1. yeah they actually have some nice bits and bobs! especially their neon stuff, neons are in this summer xx

  3. great pieces! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  4. Lovely buys, I really love the Timberlands so old school for me. Daisy, my favorite scent of all time. Divine pieces!

  5. Great haul! I really like the Timberland boots because I've always wanted one myself.

    Btw, would you like to follow each other? If so, just let me know, & I'd be happy to follow back. Thanks! :)

    lots of love, Dana Carmella 
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    1. thankyouu and yeah sure! would love to xx

    2. Thanks, I'll follow back right now. :)

  6. aww lovely!

    Would you like to follow each other?



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