Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Its my birthday in a couple of weeks and I have been on the look out for things for family to get me or to buy with my birthday money and I came to the horrific realisation that I do not actually own a leather jacket?!
Now, don't get me wrong, I have ALWAYS wanted that perfect leather jacket. The one with the quilted sleeves, a cool lining, detachable fur collar and just the right amount of zips and buckles... hmm sounds good doesn't it? The thing is, I can never find it! Or at least when I do, I don't have enough money to buy it!
So I've been on a mission to find the perfect leather jacket and I thought I would make a new blog feature out of it: Mia's Must Haves!
This blog feature is basically me finding an assortment of must-have items for different types of people so you don't have to do any of the work, don't say I don't treat you well ;) enjoy!
Yves Saint Laurent - £3,165 // Acne - £1,025 // Ark - £75
These jackets are for that person with a little bit more money than most of us because there is NO WAY I could ever afford them! With the exception of the last one maybe, I only put it in this section because it is not even real leather and thought that was a bit steep compared to other faux leather jackets!
theoutnet.com - £145 //  mytheresa.com - £1,620 // my-wardrobe.com - £1,195
These jackets are for the more outrageous and ballsy of you lot! I am totally in love with the tartan one but I would never have the guts to wear a bright white studded one! As much as it is a statement piece, I don't think I could ever pull it off...

H&M - £30 // Newlook - £40 // River Island - £100 
This section is for my fellow bargain hunters out there. You want a leather jacket right? But you're SO not prepared to pay a couple of hundred quid for one! So, I've found a few that could pass off as expensive version and this River Island one is real leather too! £100 for real leather is actually quite good so grab one before they're gone! I am really tempted to snap up the H&M one...
Topshop - £58 // Topshop - £375 // River Island - £70
And these are my favourite of the bunch. I tried the first Topshop one on instore and it just looks awesome on and I love the quilted texture on the arms. The second one is a tad out of my price range but it is just the right balance of 'understated' and 'out there'  if you know what I mean? I also fell in love with this River Island beauty. I don't normally shop in River Island but they actually have really good coats and jackets for good prices so I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for more beauties like this.
I hope you've enjoyed the new feature and let me know which are your favourites and any recommendations you might have in the comments!
Love yas x 


  1. I feel like a leather jacket is an absolute necessity in my wardrobe there's no way I could live without it. That Yves Saint Laurent jacket is so perfect but there's no way I'd ever be able to afford it either :(

    Debra Bros Blog

    1. same I just bought myself a new one the other day and can't wait to wear it out everywhere!xx

  2. love leather jackets!
    its a must. :)


  3. ah i just did a post on my current fave leather jacket.
    definitely a staple in any wardrobe. im sure you'll style one perfectly!! x

    1. i'll be sure to check it out! and thankyou! follow each other??x

  4. Love every single one of these! Great leather jackets

    All About Itt

  5. Nice post!
    I really like your blog!
    It would be nice if we start to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc!
    Let me know if you like the idea ^.^

    Much love,



  6. wow i like all the leather jackets for womens and soon i am going to buying one of them and I feel like a leather jacket is an absolute necessity in my collection.

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