Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Hey y'all.
Sorry it has been so long since I last posted but I have been super busy with getting back to school and preparing for coming exams etc etc.
One of my favourite places in the world is London, and so at the end of the summer holidays, my friend and I decided to take a trip down to Brick Lane to do a bit of shopping in the markets and the American Apparel Outlet, which closed recently, and oh em gee it was amazing!
Some of the things below aren't from London but I've bought them recently so thought I'd pop them in too, so without further ado...
 Vintage 'FUTURE GOMER' jumper - Vintage Stall £5.00 //
Vintage Kilt - eBay £6.00 // Neon Nail Varnish - American Apparel £3.00 // Timeco Digital Watch - American Apparel £4.00

Purple Bra - American Apparel £8.00 // White and Lilac Bloomer Shorts - American Apparel £5.00 each // Green Checked Scrunchie - American Apparel £3.00 (I did buy two but I can't find the other one...)
Silver Hollographic Tee - Oxfam £1.50 // Vintage Purple Shorts - Vintage Stall £10.00 // Faux Leather Jacket - Spitalfields Market £30.00 // Silver Casio Watch - Vintage // Cut Out Jeffrey Campbell Dupes - New Look £30.00
 Lilac/Pink Bodysuit - American Apparel £10.00 // White See-Through Baggy Vest - American Apparel £8.00 // Eye Print Skirt - H&M £8.00

 Vintage Multicoloured Shirt and Vintage Red Checked Shirt - Vintage Stall £5.00 each // Green Baggy Knit Cardigan - Vintage Stall £5.00
 Janet Jackson, Run DMC and Michael Jackson Records - Vintage Stalls £1.00 each

001 // Hope you guys have had a good September, I certainly did! I turned 16, bought all these beauties AND I have ordered the new iPhone 5S which should be arriving in the next week or two!! Exciting stuff hey. Well I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of my buys! Also if you have any websites where you can design your own iphone case for cheap, let me know!!

002 // I am thinking of ideas for starting up the online shop again but with different bits and bobs so be sure to follow me on instagram, twitter and lookbook for updates and I will follow everyone back!

love ya!