Monday, 10 February 2014

Monthly Favourites // January

Felt Fedora // Vintage £8

 Iridescent Phone Case // Topshop £8

 Control by Janet Jackson // Vintage £2

001 // Hello my lovelies! Seeing as I am obviously terrible at keeping promises when it comes to posting I have come up with a way to guarantee you will get at least a monthly post! So here are my January favourites! These are things that I have been loving and using to no end over the past month and I would definitely recommend each and every one to you. I have linked the ones that I could so if you see anything you like, get clicking!

I bought my fedora at a vintage stall in London in December for just £10 and I love the way it goes with almost anything and can cover up a bad hair day at the same time, what else does a girl need? 
The instant camera was a christmas present, and a much loved one at that, its so much fun not knowing how your photo will turn out and the different setting on it create different effects depending on the lighting, trés chic.

Two books that I have been loving are Lolita and It which really inspire me creatively and which I think everyone should have read! If you haven't, get yourself a copy of each and get reading! 
If you're like me then you have a disease known as 'butterfingers' which means that I will pretty much drop my phone at least twice a day so it was essential that I got myself a phone case. I found this one on the topshop website for £8 and I love the shiny iridescent colours and snakeskin texture and I have had endless compliments! 

I have a keen eye for spotting golden vinyls when I am out amd about so I found this Janet Jackson one in a small vintage auction room and have had it on repeat since then.
Last but not least are my Vans. They were a christmas present from my brother and I can honestly say I haven't worn any other shoes since then (as you can probably tell). I love how they make a dress less girly and they are so comfy too! A definite must for a hardcore shopper like me. 

002 // I know you will have heard this a hundred times before but I really am swamped at the moment with my GCSEs being just months away but I will try my best! Once it is the summer and I start sixth form you shall be inundated with posts and ottds! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my new monthly section and I will see you again very soon x


  1. Love the fujifilm polaroid x ♡

  2. Me too! I haven't put it down since I got it! Follow for follow?? xx

  3. Thanks for following sweetie :)

    I followed back..Keep in touch


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