Friday, 14 February 2014

Wishlist Number 6

(All items are linked below)

001 // Getting back into the swing of things I thought I would post a little wishlist I made for you guys, just made up of a few things I have really been loving recently. I have been obsessed with ripped jeans at the moment and have not stopped wearing my old River Island ones that have gradually become more and more ripped the more I wear them, but I mean, how many pairs of ripped jeans is too many? Definitely not two.
I don't normally like gilets, but this black faux fur one definitely caught my eye, its the perfect balance between quirky and classy.
When I bought my first backpack I thought it would be a phase, but about 8 backpacks later, I don't think it will be passing anytime soon and what better way to satisfy my cravings than with this gorgeous black leather number from Zara?
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Let me know in the comments which pieces are your favourites and whether you can recommend any cheaper alternatives?
Love ya x



  1. this is so perfect! love everything x

    1. thankyou and I need it all! ahha xx

      follow for follow?? xx

  2. This is so so rad! Nars lipsticks are always so nice. xxx

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