Sunday, 16 March 2014


Vanilla Body Spray // Boots

 Shattered Face Case // Urban Decay

Ripped Jeans // River Island

Scrunchies // Green Checkered - American Apparel
Red Checkered & Paisley - Handmade

Tracey Emin Photo Album Book // Amazon

001 // Sup Guys! I know there has been a lack of posting again but that's revision for you! But here I am, back with another monthly favourite and while this one is a tiny bit later than I was hoping for, it is full of things that I would absolutely recommend to everyone!

002 // If you are anything like me then you will love anything vanilla scented, whether its candles, body wash, or in this case, body spray! Even though only a small amount has gone I did actually use it nearly every day in Feb because it just smells delicious. I think they have other scents like lavender etc. and are so so cheap so definitely check them out!
I got this Urban Decay palette for Christmas and despite me having a lack of events to use it for, I have loved it all the same! The colours are to die for and I love using the chunky lip pencil for casual day looks. 

003 // Another thing I haven't stopped using for many weeks is my baggy ripped jeans from River Island. They are great to just throw on with an oversized tee or to tone down a more serious outfit! A definite recommendation. Seeing as I have been working on coursework non stop recently, its so nice just to come home and throw my hair up out of my face without damaging it with any harsh hairbands and so I have been using these scrunchies non stop recently! They are super cheap (and even cheaper if you make them yourself like me!) and comfy so go out and buy tonnes!

004 // I have always loved Tracey Emin's work and when I received her compilation of personal photos in book form for Christmas last year, I was over the moon! She is such an interesting and inspirational woman and her work is incredible too, so if you haven't heard of her or any of her work, give her a cheeky google and I'm sure you'll be converted! 

Again, apologies for lack of posts, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Love ya lots x



  1. love this post! And your blog xx

  2. Great stuff! Love the jeans! Just found your blog and was wondering if you would like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin and FB? Let me know, thanks!



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